Think Tank

This is the headquarters of a high-tech firm that specializes in web page development. The space is defined as “Liberating” by it’s architect because it let him think of new ways to design and build workspaces for conceptual work related to technology, a phenomenon that has transformed the concept of work and production in the last decades on a global scale and in this particular case, in cyberspace as well.
This project takes up a whole floor of the Design Center building, it began with a clear intention with respect to form and the original “rustic” look, it differs from the typical office in that it doesn’t hide all it’s infrastructure, this office exposes each and every detail and integrates them into it’s design creating a new visual order. This is reflected throughout the project’s development and becomes evident as soon as you walk in with it’s reception area showing off their servers in a sort of display case that sits right in the multi color space.
With so many different details, the architect explains: “this project looks to break with everything that’s orthodox”. As such, the project’s content is playful in it’s content. It is divided into three main areas which in turn respond to three different sclaes, the individual, the collective and “public life”.
The first area are the offices of the, they are lined up, a single file of cubicles, the only individual sapace of the project but nevertheless designed in a manner which differs from the contemporary idea of a directive’s office which would be closed with sandblasted glass door, they portray a local look which resembles urban experience where the arrangement of cubicles in linear format can be thought of as a series of houses with windows looking towards the street, unlike the hermetism of an office that tries to distance itself from city life.
The second area, The Red Carpet, unlike the contemporary definition of a red carpet which welcomes VIPs, this is a floating red carpet that houses the collective where creative minds design cyberspace divided into oriented workgroups. It is a space that isn’t collective in its entirety but relational, organized in such a manner so as to activate intellectual recourse with particular focus and organized as productive cells in open modules.
Lastly the area we defined as “Public Life”, composed of spaces which are prioritary, a meeting room and common areas that show the more playful side of this workspace and its total openness which permits multiple simultaneous activities. Leisure and productivity are diluted here, this design is thought to maximize resources, an attitude that is inherent to this tech creative elite.
Marerials vary between the rustic look of exposed concrete juxtaposed with white walls with elements of various colors. A mix of technology and industrialism which makes itself visible in objects like the massive sliding door. The local look is not forgotten here there is a line of Izote plants (flora from the yucca genus endemic to this region) delimit the landscape and transform the project into an open dichotomy according to the architect. The space looks always different depending on our perspective, an element that stands out is a gargantuan shipping box that reminds to think globally and inside it we find a space where ideas are generated, a true Think Tank.
Text: Erick Mazariegos, Revista RARA Vol.7
Design: David Garda Taller de Arquitectura