Punto 4

The Neighborhood And It’s Environment

PUNTO4 arises in one of the urban hinges of utmost importance for this city: the intersection between the axis of the central corridor and the roundabout on Plaza de La República, a notable joint of urban aperture for zone 4.

Zone 4 has experimented several cycles of abandonment, the last of which happened not too long ago, it was fundamental to make way for an adequate urban development project in the neighborhood. Curiously, the “failure” of the 4 grados Norte experiment, which began almost 20 years ago, was a necessary stepping stone to reaching the the actual state of things as it redefined the course of action for the effective renewal, based on encouraging development of living spaces and generating work.

With it’s Neighborhood Sector and Urban Corridors, this part of the city has been subject to an elaborate PLOT for specific urban development and give this historic area an identity.Thanks to positive action of community groups and private investors, positive revitalization has been advancing at a fast pace, various projects ithat include housing, offices, and commerce have contributed to significantly elevate population density.

Punto 4 Mix-Use In A Mixed Sector

PUNTO 4 suggests the development of a gateway to enter this neighborhood: it opens up to Plaza de La Republica, between Vía 6 and Ruta 5, where the ramps for public parking are located. It has a large front side looking onto the plaza which surely allows for the creation of an iconic building complex, completing the roundabout’s morphology.

The buildability index accomplished is of 7.65, obtained through an CU-01 incentive (poly-functional buildings) applied to areas of more than 4,000 m2. Our proposal accomplished this objective and also applies for other incentives (which generate additional points that have not been used in this project): CU-03 for building pedestrian walkways and 0-4 for conforming with disabled accessibility normatives. These uncharged incentives can be applied to other projects or add to the buildabilty index, offering benefits to residents as we consider that amenities should be more generous in size and variety, offering more space for communal areas.

The project foresees approximately a 10,750 m2 tertiary (precisely 2,500 m2 for rent as commercial space and 8,250 m2 for sale as office spaces) and 16,200 m2 for sale as housing space, achieving 225 apartaments of different sizes,with an average of 65 m2 each apartment.