MEDIKA 10 is destined to be a state of the art building in the most important sector of medical clinics in Guatemala. Located on 6ª avenida right in the center of the area where the most important private hospitals in the city are, it distinguishes itself by having access through both 6ª avenida and 7ª avenida (the avenue where Universidad Francisco Marroquin and Universidad Galileo are located). It is comprised of two bodies, the “frontal” one on 6ª avenida which is actually used by “hope”, the specialized center of oncology, and the main building located on 7ª avenida.
The building actually used for “Hope” will still house this entity which is widely recognized and will be remodeled to add services that will accessibility and functionality: Drop-off, lobby, mechanical stairs, café and adequate access for the disabled, abulances, etc . From this building the main building is accessed.
Development is approximately 25,000 m2 in between clinics/offices/laboratories all meeting the highest standards of functionality and using low maintenance materials which are easy to clean so as to guarantee hygiene. The whole complex has a contemporary look and it’s urban presence is in tune with the most ambitious developments in the city.


Primarily generous glass surfaces, glass which is reflective in a lightly green tone. glass frames are anodized aluminium in a silver color which is in harmony with walls an
d concrete columns.


Facades are designed in a contemporary language, they are dynamic and made of durable material. The important part of the architecture of the ensemble is it’s function, an amicable building complex has been achieved, one which has adequate spaces, natural lighting, interaction with it’s context and one which will provide world class services.

Diseño: David Garda Taller de Arquitectura
Desarrollo: Inverscope S.A.
Renders: Arkterra