Oakland Lofts

Oakland Lofts A refuge in this city far away from metropolitan hustle and bustle. This approach is a compromise with harmony, a lifestyle with equilibrium. Oakland lofts house beings that, immersed in day to day life, need an oasis in the middle of today’s accelerated life. Astutely inserted into the location’s ecosystem, this building complex […]


M-Apartments Located in Montebello, carretera a El Salvador, Guatemala. Design: David Garda Taller de Arquitectura

Casa Asunción

Casa Asunción Apartment building with 132 units, strictly controlled entrances, parking for neighbors and guests, garden, children area, gym, social area, study area, lounge, drop off and lobby with waiting area. Diseño: David Garda Taller de Arquitectura Casa Asunción


Bonavita Apartment building with an excelent location in zone 15. Modern and functional design ample spaces and great lighting. Design: David Garda Taller de Arquitectura Development: COMOSA

Torre Asunción

Torre Asunción Este condominio residencial ocupa un terreno de 1,225.38 v², localizado en Diagonal 14, Boulevard La Asunción 36 Avenida y 20 calle, zona 5. El proyecto incluye 45 unidades residenciales en un condominio dotado de: tres sótanos de estacionamiento (1 parqueo por apartamento), bodegas, garita de ingreso, salón condominial, recepción, etc.

Casa Bonavita

Casa Bonavita Residential project located in a 1,769.79 square meter lot, it contains ten 3 story houses that also have a basement, water distribution infrastructure, separate drainage for rainwater and sewage, dry ducts for electric, telephone and cable tv installations, street lighting powered through subterranean cabling and cctv cameras for security. The project ios located […]

Vistas de las Charcas

Vistas de las Charcas Family apartments in a building which opens up to a view of the volcanoes. This project is supported by 12 story concrete structural walls. Social areas and amenities are located on the top floor to take advantage of the panoramic amplitude. Design: David Garda Taller de Arquitectura Development: COMOSA