Vistas de las Charcas Inauguration

Vistas de las Charcas Inauguration This past Friday, November 16, our project Vistas de las Charcas was inaugurated, the building is 11 stories high and contains 83 apartments deigned with the highest standards of quality and security; the view is spectacular and it’s location is unique. Comosa, the developers of this project, are pioneers in […]

Planos y Estilos Magazine

A passionate man with vision, Davide Garda “Architecture is the art we inhabit” That is how Davide Garda defines the profession he has excercised for more than 30 years. Throughout his carreer he has manifested the importance of architecture reflecting the contextual and environmental reality of it’s location. To Davide the vision of this profession […]


In the Belly of an Architect by Davide Garda The XVIII century is usually called the age of enlightenment because of the substantial changes in rational thinking based on the application of the scientific method. The aesthetic expression of the period was denominated “neoclasicist” as it searched in the classics, aesthetic and formal models. Within […]

RARA Magazine – The holistic sense of architecture

By: Oswaldo J. Hernández Reaching Garda, David Garda, the architect, is like entering indistictly into a new dimension. Once you are close, it is impossible to notice that something has changed, maybe this is due to a certain subtlety, a new way of structuring, of integrating the things that surround him. His studio has much […]

Article published in Construir magazine, year 1, 10th edition

The use of glass in building facades by: Davide Garda In the last 20 years, the use of reflective glass in corporate towers has extended until becoming the common denominator in the urban scenario, its applications becoming more and more imaginative in their geometry and nuances. Guatemala is not the exception. Crystal towers, as conceived […]

Construir Magazine: This is what the new tower Zone 10 in Guatemala will be like

Medika 10 injects itself in the medical clinics offer for Guatemala. This project includes remodelling of an existing building’s facade and construction of a 12 story building. With a surface area of 20.000 m2 plus parking spaces, Medika 10 is being developed en the medical sector of Zone 10, in Guatemala City. It consists of […]

Article in World Architecture Magazine No.51

Hyatt Regency Guatemala Architects: Pemueller & Cohen Arquitectos and David Garda Taller de Arquitectura Published November 1996 The latest addition to the Hyatt chain is opening this month in Guatemala City. Two local architectural firms, Pemueller and Cohen Arquitectos and David Garda Taller de Arquitectura have designed a pyramid shaped hotel complex known as “Tikal […]

Article in l’Arca Magazine No. 26

The Building Science Laboratory at Berkeley by Davide Garda published April 1989 The first steps toward the advancement of Building Science education and research in architecture occurred during the 1950s. The pioneering work of William Wayne Caudill’s research on airflow Victor and Aladar Olyay’s more holistic approach to the creation of an environmentally sensitive architectural […]

Article in l’Arca magazine no. 24

Simulation Methods in Historical Architecture by Davide Garda, David Ernest Published in February, 1989 Architects have historically faced the challenge of understanding and illustrating to others the three dimensional characteristics of their designs through the use of perspective drawings and physical models. In recent years the advent of computers, advances in photography and filming, and […]

What happened to Roberto González Goyri’s murals?

This building located in 16 calle, zona 1 had murals by Roberto González Goyri; a great Guatemalan artist, famous for his Tecún Umán and other murals in Centro Civico. This particular building opens up to Parque Enrique Gómez Carrillo and the monumental complex of  San Francisco y la Policía Nacional and is very visible to […]