‘architecture is the art

we inhabit’

– davide garda

David Garda Taller de Arquitectura (DGTA) is an architecture and design firm established in Guatemala.

From it’s very beginnings in 1992, the studio is led by it’s founder, architect Davide Garda, recognized for collaborating in projects such as Citylife – Milano and for his work as an educator, a professor at Universidad Francisco Marroquin for more than 20 years.

DGTA undertakes every project fully aware of the environmental responsibility implied in it’s design, taking into account sustainability, energy efficiency, thermal comfort and productivity.

DGTA’s leadership in commercial, institutional, urban and corporate architecture have led the firm to offer an impressive array of services that are intertwined with each project’s success; such as corporate and institutional image consulting or the selection and management of sub-contractors in key areas for the project’s execution.

The main focus of every project undertaken by DGTA is environmental design, it is our goal to maximize sustainability, reduce energy consumption and provide thermal comfort, in this manner, technical research becomes as important as modern day aesthetics in our creative process.